Auditioning for The Real Fake News is Christine Lori our Assistant Director and Camera Operator for The Laughter Talks and The Real Fake News Shows!

News reports written and copyrighted by Marguerite Fair-Kosciewicz- The real news sucks, so watch our news instead! (c) 2017, (c) 2018

Antonia Roman, Newscaster for Spanish Reports

Marguerite Fair,  Newscaster

Michael Tatlock, Newscaster

Michael Tatlock is now a correspondent in Europe and has been replaced with Antonia Roman.

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Feel free to laugh with us or at us, just keep laughing, which is easy to do if you keep  watching: The Real Fake News!

Marguerite Fair,Antonia Roman and  Michael Tatlockare dedicated to bringing you The Real Fake News weekly updates.

The Real Fake News is designed for Entertainment purposes only.  It is not real news! The Reports are written by Marguerite Fair.

Marguerite was frustrated by watching only real and for the most part depressing News., so she created this fun venue to keep laughing!

Reports were read by Marguerite Fair and Michael Tatlock while they hosted the  M & M's Web Show.

Since Michael is no longer available, the show has morphed into: LaughterTalks.comwhich Marguerite now co-hosts with Antonia Roman.